Refer a Friend

Your friends can join too!


Refer a Friend – Get Money

Got friends who also want to be a part of this study? Invite them to join! You get three referral codes to share with three friends. When your friends pass the eligibly screener and think about taking part, you will get $15.


1.  How do I ask my friends to join?

We got you. Click here to get the run down on what you can say to your friends who might be interested in joining 3T Study and getting paid to use an app.

2:  Who should I ask?

Ask your friends who you think might be interested and who might be eligible.

3.  How do I get paid?

If your friends are interested in joining, you can give them a referral code. They will take a survey to see if they qualify and then they will learn more about the project. Then they enter the code you gave them. This lets us know that you got a friend to think about joining and that its time to send you a $15 e-gift card.

4.  Where do I get the referral codes?

You will get a text or email from the 3T Study team a few days after you complete the survey and download the app.

5.  I lost my referral codes. Where can I get them again?

No problem. Text or call Chris at 831-331-0715, send us a DM on Insta @3Tstudy or email us at

6.  Can I invite more than 3 friends?

You can invite as many people as you’d like. Just send them the link. But we only provide referral codes and send you gift cards for the first three are eligible.

7.  Can the friends who I referred invite their friends?

Absolutely! They will also get three referral codes to share with 3 other people and will get gift cards when those 3 join.