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1.  What is Tune In! Turn On! Turn Up! (3T) Study?

Test out an app, take a few surveys and get paid! After taking the first survey, we will ask you to download an app about health. Our goal is to see if the apps help improve the health of young black guys.

2:  Who can be involved in the 3T study? Who is eligible?

3T is specifically for Black, African American, or biracial Black/African American males ages 14-17. To be eligible, you have to be gay, bisexual, or sexually attracted to guys. You do not need to be “out” to anyone in particular. You do need to have a smartphone with a data plan and live in the US.

3.  How much do I get paid?

You get $120 for taking all three surveys. You get e-gift cards for each one: $20 for the first one, $40 for the second you take 3 months after you use the app and $60 for the survey you take 6 months after you use the app. So, for taking three surveys and using one app you can get $120 bucks. You could also get up to $45 ($15 per friend) for referring up to 3 friends who are eligible and think about taking part.

4.  How do I get paid?

After you finish the surveys, we will email you an e-gift card. You have a choice about what kind of gift card you want. If you have questions about getting or using your gift card, email 3T@etr.org.

5.  What will you ask me about in the surveys?

The survey asks a range of questions about your health and behaviors. Some of the questions ask about your diet and food consumption. Some questions ask about who you are, who you like, and about your relationships. You can skip any question you don’t feel comfortable answering.

6.  How long does this take?

The surveys take about 20 minutes. We ask you to use the app that you are assigned for 3 months.

7.  What if I don't know how I identify?

You don’t have to have that figured out to participate. If you find yourself attracted to other guys, regardless of how you label or don’t label yourself, then you can take the eligibility survey.

8.  Do I have to ask my parents if I can participate?

Nope, this is 100% your choice. If you are eligible, you will learn more about the survey and the project. Then we will ask if you still want to participate. It’s up to you!

9.  What do you do with my survey answers?

We take your privacy very seriously. Your answers are completely private. No one will ever see how you answered, not your parents, friends, family, teachers or anyone. We never ask for your name and assign you a study ID to protect your identity. All your answers go into a database of all the other answers so even we don’t know who said what.

10.  Can my friends do this too?

Absolutely! We will even give you another $15 gift card for connecting us with other eligible guys. You will get three codes to share with up to three of your friends. When they enter that code in their surveys, we will know to send you your gift card.

11.  How will dfusion and ETR protect me and my data?

You will be assigned a participant number. No names will be used on the survey and we will not share the names of anyone agreeing to take part in the study. You will get text or email reminders for the survey and the app. You will be asked where you want these reminders sent. The information you enter on the app will not be shared with anyone outside the study. The app data is encrypted and housed on a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud-based server. Study staff and subject matter experts monitor discussions and are available to answer questions. The icon for the app is discrete so that it is not easily identifiable as a health app.

12.  How is 3T funded?

This project is funded by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

13.  Who made 3T?

3T was developed by dfusion Inc, a small business that creates technology-based programs to improve people’s health. The evaluation of 3T will be conducted by ETR, a nonprofit health education and research organization. Both dfusion and ETR used youth advisors and content experts to support product development and evaluation. During planning phases, youth tested the app and provided feedback for improvements.

14.  Who is doing the evaluation?

The evaluation is being done by ETR—a nonprofit health education and research organization with many years of experience developing health education programs and conducting studies with youth.

15.  What will you do with the video I record?

If you decide to record a video where you say you agree to join the study (the other option is to Zoom with a participant advocate), we will review it and then delete it after the study. The video stays on a secure site and is not shared with any one outside of the official research staff.

16.  What’s the process for joining the study?

You will take a survey that asks about who you are. If you meet the criteria to join, you will read over a form that explains the study. Then you will either record a short video of you stating what you understand about the study or you will Zoom with a participant advocate. After that, you will get a link to the first survey. At the end of the survey, you will go to a webpage with instructions to download one of two apps. We ask that you use the app for 3 months. After that we will send you another survey. Then six months after that, you take the third and final survey. You will get e-gift cards each time you take a survey.

Have more questions?

Text Chris at 831-331-0715, send us a DM on Insta @3Tstudy or email us at 3T@etr.org