About the Study



See if you meet the criteria to join. If you are eligible, you will then be asked to take a survey that takes about 20 minutes.


Where? When?

  • No need to go anywhere! After you join the study, you’ll take a survey on your phone or computer. Then you would be asked to use an app or read written materials related to personal health. We would send the app on a tablet in the mail to an address you provide us or text or email you the link to the written materials. After that, you would take one more survey online (about 3 months after the first survey).
  • The surveys ask about who you are, nutrition, experiences with COVID, and about relationships and behaviors.
  • You get e-gift cards for each survey you complete ($40 first and $60 second) and for using the app or reviewing the health materials ($50).


  • See if you meet the criteria to join. If you are eligible, you will be asked to fill out a survey, which will take about 20 minutes.
  • After the survey, you will get a tablet with an app in the mail or a link to a website with some written materials related to personal health.
  • You will get paid in e-gift cards for the survey and to explore the materials. You’ll need to give us an email address so we can email you the gift card ASAP.
  • Remember, all the info you give us is private. You don’t have to ask for your parents’ or guardian’s permission.


  • This study is for young black or interracial black guys between 14-19 who are attracted to other guys.
  • All your answers to the survey questions are kept private. We won’t share your answers and we don’t ask for your name. You do not need your parents’ or guardian’s permission to join the study.


This study will help researchers and educators learn more about the health needs of young black guys. You will be contributing to science! The study is done by ETR and dfusion, two companies that create and research innovative tech-based programs to improve people’s health. The study is funded by The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.